SilverVine, Inc. provides High Speed Serial Interface solutions foe USB, 1394 (FireWire), PCIe (PCI Express) and SATA applications with emphasis on the PHY technology.

Innovative is a leading supplier for fully compliant and certified USB 2.0 PHY (device, host and OTG), IEEE-1394 PHY and Link Controllers, and Video Compression technologies. Our technologies are utilized by a wide array of high-tech companies in a variety of applications including PCs, PC peripherals, Internet appliances, set top boxes and satellites.


Innovative offers off the shelf USB IP cores for evaluation without upfront licensing fees. Contact to take our cores for a test drive

SilverVine, Innovative’s sister company, Announces Working-First-Silicon for PHY-820: PCIe PHY with Leading-Edge DFT Features

Innovative Introduces Breakthrough Pricing Model for Mixed Signal IP — Contact to take our cores for a test drive.

Innovative Debuts Second-Generation FlexFire ISI-736 FireWire IP

Innovative Semiconductors Teams with Denali to Deliver High-Quality USB OTG Solutions
eSilicon Announces Licensing Agreement with Innovative Semiconductors. eSilicon Has Shipped Millions of Chips with Innovative’s USB PHY Technology
Innovative Semiconductors iPHY™ USB 2.0 Transceiver Technology is used by world class startups in wireless applications

Innovative introduces smallest area, lowest power USB 2.0 PHY Core, I-PHY

FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR to use USB technology from Innovative Semiconductors, Inc.

PORTALPLAYER’S Personal  Media Player: Photo Edition Platform Features USB 2.0 Transceiver Technology From Innovative Semiconductors, Inc.