CREE LED Flashlights

CREE produce high quality LED lighting products and flashlights. They are dedicated to developing and implementing new technologies to provide the best and most efficient lighting solutions possible. The development of tough, durable and efficient high powered flashlights has revolutionised the market. CREE are a market leader in desirable, high performance lights, like led lenser, that provide superior lighting coupled with low energy consumption.

CREE flashlights utilise powerful LED’s that replace the more traditional incandescent bulbs. The LED flashlights provide much more powerful lighting. This is due to the fact that LED’s produce approximately 100 Lumens / Watt in comparison to the 10 produced by incandescent bulbs. In addition the LED’s provide much longer life being energy efficient. LED’s are also more durable than traditional glass bulbs and are able to survive in tougher environments and against more vigorous usage.
CREE produce a variety of different Flashlight models that cater for both general use and more specialised requirements such as underwater vision and bicycles. The product range can be viewed on the CREE website.

Popular Flashlights include

  • CREE XPE 150 Lumens Flashlight- This is a 5 inch flashlight with a crowned bezel and aluminium body making this a useful indoor and outdoor torch that can be easily carried.
  • CRE0R5 300 Lumens Flashlight- This is a 9 inch aluminium construction flashlight providing a high powered light. It is powered by 3 batteries that provide up to 72 hours usage. Ideal for use in an emergency either inside or outside the home.
  • CRE T6 8000 Lumens- This is a very powerful bright LED flashlight that is of strong aluminium construction and 5.3 inches in length. The product is zoomable and provides a very intense light whilst being small enough to carry in a pocket.
  • CRE XM-L T6 LED 480 Lumens Police/ Lawman Flashlight. The LED fitted in this flashlight has a lifespan of in excess of 50,000 hours and provided a powerful light source in a durable and tough device ideal for outdoor use. The flashlight has two switch button, one on the front and one on the tail top of the device, both providing on/ off activation.
  • CREE Q5 LED Waterproof Diving Flashlight- super bright flashlight with heat dissipation system.

These are just a few of the large range of powerful LED flashlights produced by CREE, search online to find a CREE product that best suits you.