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PCIe PHY – PCI Express PHY – SERDES Based Products – Phylinks technology inside!

Our SERDES based IP product line currently consists of General Purpose SERDES, SATA and PCIe PHY (PCI-Express PHY) cores. We offer our customers PHY, Link and Driver Software cores. The Innovative Products are based on the Phylinks High Speed Serial technology. Phylinks PHY technology is optimized for minimum area, low power and Design For Test and Manufacturing, attributes that are ideal in the development of high performance communications, PC, mass storage, optical and server applications.
Innovative’s SATA PHY and PCIe (PCI Express) PHY are based on Phylinks SerDes PHY technology. Phylinks is a member of PCI-SIG as well as SATA-IO.

Two Important Differentiating Features of the Phylinks Technology

Besides the usual features that the SOC designer expects in today’s commercially available PHY, the Phylinks technology has the following advantages

DFT features were considered as primary goals when developing the SERDES PHY Architecture. This was definitely not an after thought! DFT is considered very crucial to testing SOCs during the initial debug phase, the yield analysis phase and during production testing especially for mixed-signal blocks. BIST Logic allows self-testing at high speed of the Analog and the Digital SerDes. Extensive and Configuration Capabilities are designed in the PHY.
Phylinks’ Serial Technology strikes the right balance between the digital and analog functions to optimize the PHY design. This crucial balance, when carefully analyzed and well implemented, can result in small area, reduced porting time – from one process to another and in this case lower power PHY.


The SERDES IP core provides a complete and flexible PHY layer solution for low power, high speed serial links, from 250Mbps to 6.25Gbps, for use in designing SOCs, the SERDES can be configured for by 1,4,8 or 16, providing scalability to meet the number of the desired lanes. I The PHY  consists of the serializer, transmitter, receiver, deserializer and Clock and Data Recovery (CDR). A separate reference block Рthe reference cell Рcontains the Clock Circuit , Band Gap and Bias Circuits. The PHY targets backplane, XAUI, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, PCIe and SATA applications.

PCIe – PCI Express PHY

ISI-820: The PCIe PCI Express PHY IP provides a complete PHY layer solution for the PCIe. The Macrocell integrates the SerDes and PIPE Interface Logic. It can be implemented in Standard Digital CMOS technology with a single 1.2V supply.
Innovative  works with several partners to provide the Controller together with its PHY Macrocell thus providing easy to integrate PCIe solution. The PHY together with the controller interface to the PCIe bus on one side and to the Application Bus on the other side.

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